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SPLINTER: we never heard of you either



Sean [vocals]
Mark [lead guitars]
Avery [drums,percussion]
Syam [guitars,vocals]
The band pretty much started jamming in 2001, when ideas and aspirations began to coagulate into reality.

Past members include:
Allan Bachan - Lead Guitars
James Vailloo - Bass


"All in all, this is a new band with potential. They have some cool ideas going on in their songs."
- The Bandfield []

"Guttural tones and grinding guitars"
- Showtime Magazine

The band has far too many influences to name. We can't coin one specific style/genre for our music because of our diverse influences and tastes, at least we'll never become monotonous. Our sound is hard rock based, with influences such as metal, alternative, hardcore and progressive music. 
Just go to the [aural] section and listen for yourself.