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SPLINTER: we never heard of you either





Do you want to choose everything
and discard it when you're bored?
When you lose everything
You blame it on God
Touch the face of your dreams
Know that you'll be gone
From one into another
Screams until you're gone
Too bad you can't remember
What I say to you now
When I teach you to remember
You always forget somehow
When your sun's light die
and back to corners shadows creep
You'll find that
Only half your life you ever lived
And that's when you were asleep.
Don't hide away from day
That's the only time I see you
Don't forget the times of yesterday
You might die in your dreams
Don't try to run
Don't try to hide
Don't push it away
Don't throw it away
No time to scorn
cuz it was already born
Don't let the things you hate
Come into your head
Cuz what you don't want before your gate
You find beneath your bed



My loneliest month ever
as I part with my heart
and my second father
You always were
A new beginning
A new year to see
What's up time's sleeve.
So many changes in so little time.
A concatenation of separation
Heart apertures in several locations
I close my eyes and envision
The benefit of this decision
Confined and suffering.
You've taken my brother, my lover, my summer
I wish I could hate you but I'll always love you
You are the end of an era
Descended from the heavens for me
Far too perfect to take seriously
Restoring my forsaken rapture
My regrets died as everything aligned
Look at me now.
Do you see anything?
Termination in nascent stages
Violent abortions in several phases
Evisceration of this relation
Complicated overexpectations
Futile attempts for acceptance
My last hope for reconciliation
Gone. Que lástima.



Where are the answers to your life?
It'll stay anonymous
The paradise is a prison
For the both of us

You want to lift the eyes
But let the sight fold down
With all the omnicience
Yet yourself is not found

Connecting the world to the dreams
It's not as hard as it may seem
Melt these shards of melancholy
Give me the wings to discovery

You still want to see it all
Well one can struggle to the summit
Does your shadow make you fall?
Well it's the weakest at the zenith
I'm worse and empty.
Give me wings to discovery.

It's normal to be in vain
It's normal to be insane
The world is insane thinking it's ordinary
Ask too many a miracle
Connect the dots, make a circle
And give me wings to discovery.



I could never believe that a star could glow
Bright enough to cast the moon in its shadow.
What seemed like a shooting star is now a meteor.
A profound connection, lost in a second.
Longing for confessions;
Will the truth ever spill into my heart?
A shooting star no matter how glorious
Vanishes in the beat of a heart.
Letters written in the ink of your own black heart
Lose themselves, as I lost myself in you.
My eyes took so long to adjust
To the absence of your radiance.
As for now I wait,
Unseen by all the world.
Illuminate my life once again,
 I beg of you.
So let it be known and shut the door
On your way out of my life.
You can't look at me and say
That you think it's better this way.
Is that why you don't even look at me?