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SPLINTER: we never heard of you either



Dates for our shows














International School of Port of Spain
Thursday December 5th 2002

w/ Live Guest Band
[set list]:
1. "Pre-Fix"
2. "Changes" (by Incert Coin)

Jenzfest 2002
Saturday 28th December 2002
w/ Inebriate, K2Q6, Krucifix, Tamper Evident, Cobolized, Strychnyne, The Astral Garden,
Ancient Glory, Necropollis
[set list]:
 1. "Changes" (by Incert Coin)
 2. "Reason Why"
 3. "My Own Summer" (by Deftones)
 4. "September"

Pop Rock Prelims @ Tsunami
Sunday 6th July 2003
w/ K2Q6, Blood Red Clover, Tripped and Falling
Bullets, Friction, Cobolized, E.P.I.T.A.P.H.,
Ambush, Live Guest Band, Xen
[set list]:
1. "Revelation"
2. "Kryl'ja"
3. "8-Ball Melody"
4. "Nerdy" (
by Poison the Well)
5. "September"

Thursday 10th July 2003
w/ Decepthor
[set list]:
1. "Cattos" (interlude)
2. "Kryl'ja"
3. "Revelation"
4. "Nerdy" (
by Poison the Well)
5. "8-Ball Melody"
6. "September"
7. (Freestyle)
8. "No One Like You" (by Scorpions)

The Festival of Rock Part 2
@ The Anchorage
Saturday 13th December 2003
w/ Ashley Red, Atheleny, Tripped and Falling,
Orange Sky, Incert Coin, Necropollis
[set list]:
1. "The Revelation"
2. "Standard Deviation"
3. "Reason Why"
4. "Kryl'ja"
5. "Confessions and Constellations"
6. "September"
Pelican Inn
Saturday, 20th December
1. "The Revelation"
2. "Confessions and Constellations"
3. "Identity"
4. "September"